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One of the best ways to protect your investments is by working with Regal Assets. There have been a number of reviews coming from various sources regarding how this company offers a wide selection of bullions, gold bars, coins and other items for investment.

Regal Assets LLC offers silver and gold for those who want to invest for their future and retirement through precious metals. The company received an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and it has become one of the most popular precious metals investment companies who received various recognitions and has an excellent reputation.

Short Summary >>

We rated Regal Assets LLC as #1 recommended Precious Metals IRA Investment Company.

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Outstanding Reputation, Excellent Customers’ Testimonials online with extremely minimal complaints, Zero IRA account setup fee, Low Flat yearly fees (vs others high scaled fees) & Highly Professional Salesperson (very knowledgeable and not pushy) who are ready to answer any questions on the phone.

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Company Services

They offer a variety of different portfolios and you can invest through them according to your needs. The company has a very strong focus on various types of precious metals as well as coins, bars and bullions. Of course, their main instruments are gold and silver. The company also trades in palladium and platinum. More importantly, the company has a long standing relationship with a respected custodian which allows them to enjoy a very low annual fee.

Benefits and Credibility

As you browse through several Regal Assets Reviews online, you will learn about the benefits offered and the credibility enjoyed by this company.

Some of the well known advantages of the company are its excellent customer service, a wide range of financial services for clients, availability of various metals and collections, fast delivery, low commission rates, zero fraud reports and even a guaranteed buy-back at spot prices for those who want to sell their gold. The main reason why the company is so credible is that it has been accredited by various reputable organizations.

  • Setup a new IRA account within 1 business day of submitting your signed application form. (others companies we reviewed took 5-7 days)
  • 7 days precious metals delivery guarantee. Failure to do so where they compensate client with a complementary American Silver Eagle.
  • Buy back your gold IRA at spot price, extremely low commission rates & liquidate your gold or silver within 2 business days.

Fees & Charges

If you are investing $100k or more, this is important:

Besides the setup and first admin charges, you should be aware that there will be yearly fees too. These yearly fees include metals storage fees for IRA, and also annual ongoing and admin fees.

Flat vs Scaled

There are basically 2 categories, namely flat fees and scaled fees. For flat fees, you will be charged a yearly flat rate no matter what is your investment amount. On the other hand, there are many companies who charged scaled fees – the fees scaled with the amount of your gold investment.

Take note that Regal Assets has a Low Flat Fee. Their annual fee is low and they cover all your first year dues that result in over $500 of savings for you. Besides, they are the only company that enables you to store metals in Brinks gold depository with just a flat annual fee of $150.

Ratings, Complaints, Reviews & Testimonials

The Better Business Bureau and the Business Consumer Alliance, Forbes, Trust Link, Insider, Ripoff Report and several other groups have all given the company an outstanding rating. The Regal Assets BBB rating is the highest among its peers while Insider Pages and Trust Link have given Regal a clean record. Regal also has an AAA and BCA rating, including a #20 out of 6 million ranking from Financial Providers of America.

Not only does the company have an excellent BBB rating, it also helps people who want to open and run their IRAs or Individual Retirement Accounts. Silver, platinum, gold and palladium can be added to retirement accounts and precious investments, primarily for those who would want to settle down in the future. The reason why precious metals are great for retirement plans is that they do not easily devalue even in times of inflation. People under Regal will be able to complete precious metals IRA or simply assist in the rollover of traditional IRA, Roth IRA or 401(k) to Gold IRA.

How to setup your Gold IRA Account with Regal Assets

The company ensures that customers will be able to find the right portfolio for their investments; and the interesting thing is that the company also provides a free gold investing kit and Merchant Packages including Dynasty Portfolios. The packages come with additional security and the kit is sort of like a training course for those who want to learn how to buy and sell gold.

Inside the kit, users will be able to find a wide range of interesting booklets including the entire history of precious metals and why gold is such a safe investment. Precious metals can be a great way to save on your retirement. The company provides portfolio management systems so that any investor will be able to earn as much as possible. This is why Regal Assets is different from other companies today.

In order to start with this company, you only need to call their hotlines – 1-855-790-7611. You will receive advice on which type of portfolio is suited to your needs. Most of the time, they will help you pick an investment vehicle that is appropriated for your long term investment goals. You can also choose from among the short term investment options.

Another option, you can fill up their online form to request for a free Gold IRA Rollover Kit.



Whatever type of investment works for you is certainly available and you can just design the type of investment plan that will work on your earnings. The company is also very easy to work with and the best thing is that you are 100% aware of what aspects will ultimately affect your investments. This is actually one of the strong points of Regal Assets gold and silver investments. They have hundreds of positive customers’ testimonials, featured Forbes and rated #20 for USA financial services in Inc. Magazine.

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Phone: 855-790-7611 (Call from 8am to 5pm PST with any questions)