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Is Gold A Good Investment For Retirement?

Gold as Retirement InvestmentMost people plan for retirement most of their lives by saving or putting away their hard earned money usually in a 401K or other investment opportunities. This money is held by a custodian who invests in different stocks, mutual funds, money markets and the like. However, anything that relies on paper-based investments is subject to the rise and fall of the Stock Market and the economy.

Paper-based investments are again things like stocks, mutual funds, money market, bonds and these all will fluctuate with the economy. In 2008, many people did feel the effects of this example and the result of this was their life savings were wiped out. If they would have had gold hedging their retirement they would have been fine. The only sure way to protect yourself from inflation and the cost of living worsening each year is gold.

How Does Inflation Work?

Basically, when the money supply goes up, your portion goes down. So your hard earned money is worth a lot less and this does not include the fluctuations of the cost of living or the volatile stock market. This has already happened in over 30 countries within the last 90 years. Because of this, gold is considered to be a good long-term investment, in part because it is a natural hedge against the fluctuation of the stock market.

Does This Affect My Return On Assets?

When stocks and other investment plans slump with the stock market, you lose money. Your return is likely to be worth less in a few years. But if you had gold backing your assets, your return will always be stable. As the cost of living increases every year, your paper investments could be worth less, however, gold will remain stable and is the safest investment in uncertain times.

What Are Gold IRA Investments?

Gold IRAs are backed by gold, real physical gold. Having a gold IRA can lessen the fluctuation of your investments. Gold historically has always moved in the opposite direction of the paper money investments such as mutual funds, bonds and stocks. Gold has always held its value throughout the years.

Gold investment growth has continued to go up in value for example, if you invested in gold in 2004 with $33,000 in 2012 your gold assets will be worth $129,551.12. The other paper investments can’t boast of these figures and certainly couldn’t guarantee this type of gains in today’s economy. If you want to know more in detail Regal Assets is a good way to begin.

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Is An IRA In Gold Safer?

Again, gold has always held its value through depressions of the economy and has remained stable. Gold continues to be the safest investment, which is nothing new. Gold has been used and sought after for centuries. Gold is a tangible source that you can hold in your hand, it is not an investment that relies on the fluctuation of the economy. Gold IRA investing is the safest and most reliable investment.

Here are some facts and figures:

From World Gold Council’s Gold Demand Trends (GDT) for 2013:

“Demand for bars and coins surged to an all-time high of 1,654.1t as individual investors took advantage of lower prices.”

“In 2013 the supply of gold declined 2% to 4,339.9t”


From Investopedia:

“U.S. inflation was highest in the following five years: 1946, 1974, 1975, 1979 and 1980. During those five years, the real return on the Dow Jones Industrial Average was -12.33%, COMPARED TO 130.4% FOR GOLD.”


How Can I Convert To An IRA Gold Retirement Account?

Gold is tangible, you can see it feel it and keep it stored away. However, it can also be lost or stolen. Gold is also hard to sell. So the perfect scenario is to have your IRAs backed by gold. Retirement gold is the safest way to tuck away your money in your retirement portfolio.

Gold IRA accounts can offer you peace of mind and keep ahead of inflation and the increasing cost of living. There are also other precious metals investments to look into as well, such as silver, platinum and palladium.

What Is the Best Way to Put Gold in Your IRA?

You can’t put physical gold in your IRA but you can own gold in your IRA. Gold is hard to sell and you have the worry that is can be lost or stolen. Gold IRA investing will be a safeguard against the government’s decisions, inflation and the cost of living. This is the best time to see how putting gold in your IRA, will secure your assets.

Taking advantage of this information may be the smartest thing you will ever do regarding keeping your assets safe. Having gold in your IRA backing up your retirement portfolio, hedging inflation and the cost of living is the way to make sure your portfolio is not fluctuating in the economy or in the stock market.

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