Cheapest Place to Buy Gold and Silver – Online Vs. Locally


Centuries back, gold and silver were exchanged for goods and services. Now, money is the currency of choice. These two precious metals are now used for jewelry and for assets. Whatever the case may be, you may want gold and silver coins for personal reasons.

You can physically get these in stores. Of course, you needed to practice extra care because these could get lost or stolen. As you know, gold and silver coins or bullions don’t come cheap. The latter in particular, is considered to be the purest form of precious metal. Lose one and you might as well throw thousands of dollars out the window. But you need not fret too much because since the dawn of the internet, you can actually purchase anything online, have them shipped to your house, and spare yourself all the inconvenience.

What to Consider When Buying Gold and Silver

If you’re set on buying gold and silver, consider the following because you deserve to get your money’s worth with every purchase:

1. The reputation of your supplier

What do the customers say? Is your supplier reliable? Scout around and ask people about the establishment or site you’ve chosen. Go for the one that’s highly recommended by the buyers.

2. Quality of the gold and silver bullions and coins

This also comes with research. Some suppliers offer low quality items that don’t cost as much as its market price. Speak to an expert and know what to look for when purchasing these.

3. The premium for each

As mentioned earlier, get the best deal possible by knowing what the gold and silver are actually worth. Compare the offers so that you know where the good bargains are and where to buy at spot price.

How to Purchase Gold and Silver from Coin and Bullion Dealers

There are so many ways for you to become a proud owner of gold and silver. Here are the most popular methods:

  1. Bullion – This is the tradable metal that’s priced depending on its weight and karat. Don’t expect to get the bullions at cost because suppliers often include the refining, fabricating, and shipping into its final cost. This is the physical version of gold and silver. Be careful and choose a reliable shipping company that delivers all your purchases straight to your doorstep in a timely fashion. Experts will also tell you to avoid sizeable premiums because if do plan to make a profit from the purchase, you’d want to sell it at a competitive price.
  2. ETF – This is otherwise known as “Exchange Traded Fund.” You’ll technically own gold and silver, and you can add this to your portfolio as well. However, you don’t have to worry about storage. For each share you purchase, you own a tenth of an ounce. If demand is high, you should purchase additional gold and silver, and in physical form. If there are no buyers, then what you have can be redeemed and sold at its equivalent price.
  3. ETN – This stands for “Exchange Traded Notes.” This is riskier and more complicated than the fund. In gist, you need to give a certain amount of money to the bank. In return, the establishment pays you return based on the performance of the gold and silver. Experts recommend only the best to dabble in this sort of venture because you could actually potentially lose everything if you’re not careful.
  4. Mining Stocks – The stocks are traded in a wide market where companies that sell gold and silver are its biggest players. This requires the knowledge in investment and in stock exchange. You should go for those who produce a good amount of precious metals and have these on their reserve.

Why Online Gold and Silver is Better

Ask any trader and he’ll tell you that the price of gold and silver have risen significantly over the past several years. This is probably why online purchases have become quite popular. Why should you take the online route rather than purchasing the gold and silver bullions physically? There are advantages attached to it.

First of all, you get more choices. The so-called brick and mortar establishments only have whatever is in their list of stocks. Hence, your choices are somewhat limited. You can reach more countries and people in the online world, which means that quality gold and silver are just a mouse-click away.

Then, there’s authenticity. You obviously can trust physical stores more. But you also need to think about where these establishments get their items. You get your gold and silver straight from the source, which also means that you get it at a lower cost. Plus, you get a chance to investigate your suppliers more.

Last and most important of all is the issue on taxation. Local physical suppliers are obligated to follow the state tax laws, which can sometimes be high, especially when it comes to precious metals. Suppliers such as Regal Assets, for instance, have taken this and all the other concerns into consideration. We highly recommend Regal Assets as the best place to buy gold and silver online.

Thus, the best and safest way to buy gold and silver is to get someone you can trust, someone who’s dedicated to providing you with the best. You don’t need to look too far because there are sites and establishments that cater to what you want. It’s simply a matter of doing your research. And better still, we have done the extensive research for you.

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