Gold IRA Rollovers – Benefits & How To

Convert IRA to goldAs you are reading this, your IRA could be losing you money. Any investment that fluctuates with the economy is a risk. These type of investments are referred to as paper-based. What can and does happen is when all of your assets are paper-based, which includes investments such as stocks, mutual funds, money market, bonds, your gains and losses are all contingent and reliant on things you can’t control.

These things that are out of your hands and out of your control are the stock market trends, the economy and the cost of living. To secure these investments against the volatility and the ups and downs of our economy, decisions from the government, and trends of the stock market you need some monetary backing.

Throughout history gold has been that reliable source for securing your investments. Watch the video below on why invest in gold, especially for your retirement >>

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Benefits of doing Gold IRA Rollovers

Gold has been a reliable source of value for centuries; it has been and continues to be sought after in times of economic troubles and also when the economy is good. Rolling your individual retirement account investments into physical gold is a smart thing to do.

Anytime you have gold backing up your investments it is beneficial. Rather, instead of your assets being in a state of flux and out of your control, you have the peace of mind that your investments are stable? Having more control of your money and your assets will bring you a peace of mind from just known that you are protected from losing your money as others have.

Many people you may know or heard of from the media, from millionaires – have seen and understand the value of putting your money in a solid investment source. One that will keep your money and investments safe and secure. Hedging your money with precious metals is recommended and used by millionaires and billionaires to keep their money in a secure and healthy state.

What is a Silver IRA Rollover?

A silver IRA is just another option you have in precious metals. Gold, silver, platinum and palladium are all examples of precious metal based investment.  All will offer the stability of keeping your assets in a stable condition, unlike the paper-based options controlled by things that are out of your control.

If you have a Self Directed IRA, then you can easily convert a certain amount or the full amount of your IRA to gold or silver. Another example is you can also rollover your 401k, traditional or Roth IRA to precious metals. You can follow the steps below to perform the rollover.

How Can I Convert IRA To Gold?

There are 3 major steps involved:

  1. Start with researching and select the best gold IRA company to buy gold or other precious metals. You can read our detail gold IRA companies reviews here. We compare all the top and famous companies – the consumer reviews, rating, their fees and services.

** Take a look at which company we ultimately recommend and why.

  1. Open a self-directed gold IRA account and transfer your IRA fund from your custodian to secure the gold or other precious metals. Make sure you buy only IRS approved precious metals, as well as enquire on a tax-free rollover.

** This is the company we recommend with tax-free rollover as well as having the lowest and flat fees. If you are going to invest more than $100k, be aware of companies offering flat vs scaled fees. Definitely you want to go with company offering flat fees.

  1. The precious metals will then be shipped to a gold depository. You may also want to check on the storage fees, ideal would be a low yearly flat fees.

** Many may overlook the process of liquidating the gold once reach retirement. This is important to invest with a gold IRA company who can guarantee a buy back at spot price.

To convert your IRA to gold you must turn to a reliable source that helps you with the whole process, one that keeps you in the loop every step of the way, and also through each process. By working with a company that is experienced in this kind of investing, you will have access to more information that will help you to decide when and how to invest in gold.

Keep in mind that a professional company will help you complete the steps and advise you though each phase of the conversion. You will have total control of how your assets are converted, which precious metal you feel may be the best backing source for your money and more importantly, they will explain and educate you so you can make the best decision. Knowledge is power and having power over your assets will give you the power to keep your investments safe and stable.

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