Lear Capital Review


The Lear Capital, Inc. started in 1997 in Los Angeles, California. The company was established and operates under three very important, yet very simple principles; the importance of their people, the integrity of their products, and the quality of their services.

The company offers gold coins, silver coins, and precious metals IRAs, but do not support gold bars and gold bullions.

Scott Carter, Chief Executive Officer of Lear Capital, graduated MBA from the Lake Forest Graduate School of Management, and already guested in The National Post, Bloomberg Businessweek, Yahoo.com, CBS Market Watch, Investors.com, and Forbes.

What Customer Reviews are saying:

Based on the consistency of Lear Capital reviews, it is quite a reliable company to purchase gold and other precious metals. Based on 175 reviews on TrustLink, the company is rated 4 out of 5 stars.

Despite its track record and the fact that most customers gave positive remarks for Lear Capital, complaints are inescapable entities in any company.  One particular customer stated that Lear Capital took an unusually long time to deliver the order and lacked the necessary notifications for such a delay.

Another disadvantage for purchasers is the payment methods restriction by Lear Capital. The company clearly does not accept payments thru credit cards and only accepts money order, personal check, certified check, and bank wire. Initiating an account will require the customer to send funds within 48 hours, and will also require the customer to contact their offices in case payment will be delayed.

Furthermore, a number of complaints are filed on pricing issues. Mostly complaint the gold sold are overpriced. Also, the salespersons are too pushy and not professional.

This concludes that no matter how many people get positive experiences from Lear Capital, Inc., everyone will not always have the exact same experience and service from the company.

Better Business Bureau

The Better Business Bureau or BBB is a respectable and reputable organization that helps people become more confident in doing business with different companies. The Lear Capital achieved a rating of A+ in BBB, although it did have disputes in the past.


The Lear Capital, Inc. provides their customers with real-time precious metals prices update, breaking news financial reports, an internet-accessible Knowledge Center, market bulletins, and a 24-hour bullion store.

The website also offers free Investor Kits which consists of newsletters, a Precious Metals Guide, and IRA accounts including SEP’s, 401(k)’s, and Roth IRAs.

Here is a list to summarize all the features of Lear Capital (From their website, www.learcapital.com/about/learcapital.html ):

  • Numismatic Rare Coins -
    If you want to protect your money by investing on inflation-fighting assets such as precious metals, then Lear Capital can help you do just that. With the right knowledge, you can even profit from these investments in time.

 Note: Numismatic Rare Coins is not the ideal gold to invest for your IRA account. They are more expensive. There are complaints that Lear Capital seems to push their customers towards buying rare gold coins such as the Lear Silver Polar Bear.

  • The Retirement Center -
    The Lear Capital, Inc. will help you set up your retirement account by diversifying your retirement plan with gold investments and such.
  • Market Charts -
    Lear Capital provides customers real-time data including gold prices for the last 30 days and more. Having a real-time knowledge about prices is a must if you want to manage financial assets effectively. The Lear Capital, Inc. website will keep you updated on these coins:

    • (Gold & Silver) Polar Bear Proof
    • Gold Polar Bear by the Canadian Royal Mint
    • American Silver Eagle
    • American Gold Eagle
    • Austrian Philharmonic
    • Canadian Gold Maple Leaf
    • Gold Krugerrand
    • Silver Arctic Fox
    • Silver Canadian Maple Leaf
    • Silver Round
  • Price Notifications Via Email -
    This will prevent you from missing a major move in the market, especially for those who do not visit the online charts often.

Note: The gold price is set at the time when your purchase with them is finalized.

  • Selling Your Coins -
    Lear Capital helps you assess your gold/silver coins’ worth. Lear Capital may also visit you if you have a particularly large collection.
  • Coin Encyclopedia -
    Access a complete guide for precious coins directly from the site for free.
  • Investor Knowledge -
    Another perk of doing business with Lear Capital is you’ll never run out of opportunities to learn the most up-to-date information. All these are available in one click; the “Free Investor Kit”.

Fees & Charges

It is also worth noting that Lear Capital’s fees are scaled based on the amount of your investment. Thus, if you are investing over $100k, this may not be best company for your gold IRA rollover.


Although Lear Capital, Inc. has been in the market for over 16 years, we do not recommend Lear Capital. The 2 main reasons are they do not provide gold bullions or gold bars; and there are a number of complains that the gold coins price are more expensive.

A remarkable reputation, reasonable pricing, availability of a variety of gold coins, bullions and bars including other precious metals such as silver, palladium and platinum are all key features of a good gold dealer.

Who we recommend is Regal Assets


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